Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter's antidote

There are just sometimes when colour is needed!  We had a lovely cross-country ski yesterday after a heavy wet snowfall and the trees looked lovely.  Even the bark was covered in snow.  But it was all grays, whites and almost blacks with no sunlight getting in.  

To make up for it I made some cushions for my daughter's couch.  The outside green is the same fabric as her curtains, but the colours were chosen to complement.  I stacked the 3 fabrics, made a cut, rearranged and sewed.  Then did it a few more times.  They really are a lot brighter than it appears in the picture.

 This pillow cushion is the result of a course on colour study that my Text'Art group did with Karen Goetzinger.  This was an attempt to mix colours to see how the effect of one on another made the size of the squares look different.

Thanks for looking at my blog and I wish you colour in your life.  

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