Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016

The Festival of Quilts has just finished and I have so enjoyed it!  There are so many different aspects to it.  The British Guild exhibit, modern quilts, special displays by Russian, Korean and Japanese quilt artists, Claire Benn, SAQA, EQA.......  And lots of vendors!  And a section where teachers have a small booth to sell their books and kits and show their work. 

Below are some of the first prize winners.  
Immediately below is a piece by Laura Kemshall which is a photograph that is about 30x70" (total guess on my part) which has been quilted with words and patterns. Detail in the picture below.
Laura Kemshall - Quilters Guild Challenge

Sarah Humphrey - Modern

Robin Fahy - Contemporary

Sandy Chandler - Traditional

Leah Higgens - Art Quilts

Sussex Spectrum - Group quilt

Elefriede Grooten - Pictoral quilt

This is a quilt by Linda Forey made with blocks given to her by the Beaconsfield Quilt Guild when she left Montreal

More quilts to come! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cape Cod

Our second annual visit to Welfleet where Doug and Sandy have rented a cottage. It overlooks the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.  I wish I could say that we saw lots of birds but we didn't - it always seemed to be low tide when I looked out

There is a park where one can walk around and it's very pretty and overlooks the swampy areas.  We came across a number of wild turkeys on the walk.     
We had a nice  walk on the Great Island Trail which took us along sand dunes and then across to the ocean side beach.  It was very beautiful and interesting to see the various landscapes - oak forest to grasses to extensive beach.

And we had our afternoon swim at Lecount Hollow Beach at Maguires Landing.  It was very hot and the water very cold!  Last year we saw seals in the water but not so this time.

A walk along the beach at the Great Island trail provided the source for a small quilt that I made for an assignment for my course with Elizabeth Barton.  The theme for July was rhythm.