Thursday, July 11, 2013

What we did at the retreat

Before the retreat we prepared collography plates.  Our version of them.  Mostly we glued bits and pieces on cardboard, knowing that we wouldn't have a press to run them through.  These were then painted over with house paint to anchor things more firmly and to provide a waterproof surface.  
In the picture below the "plate" is the bottom left item and the 3 pieces of fabric show the results.  We tried putting the fabric below the plate then using a brayer to rub.  Tried putting the plate down then the fabric on top and using a brayer.  Eventually I just patted the fabric on top with my hands.   I used ProChem fabric paints. 

This plate produced a rather Picasso-ish effect that was unexpected.  

 The plates themselves are almost works of art!

 The two pictures below show the effects of starburst salt and Setacolour.

Text'art Retreat 2013

Once again we had a lovely 3 days at the cottage playing with collography and sand resist.  The weather co-operated and we were able to be as messy as we pleased outdoors.  A long swim in the lake went over well after standing in the sun!  Food was delicious as always, and of course the company and conversation keep us going until well into the night.  

Our days started with a 20 minute yoga DVD, then homemade granola, yogurt and fruit.  How healthy can you get!!
 Helena and Colleen

 Colleen and me
 Heather with some of her oeuvres.
and mine.