Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016

The Festival of Quilts has just finished and I have so enjoyed it!  There are so many different aspects to it.  The British Guild exhibit, modern quilts, special displays by Russian, Korean and Japanese quilt artists, Claire Benn, SAQA, EQA.......  And lots of vendors!  And a section where teachers have a small booth to sell their books and kits and show their work. 

Below are some of the first prize winners.  
Immediately below is a piece by Laura Kemshall which is a photograph that is about 30x70" (total guess on my part) which has been quilted with words and patterns. Detail in the picture below.
Laura Kemshall - Quilters Guild Challenge

Sarah Humphrey - Modern

Robin Fahy - Contemporary

Sandy Chandler - Traditional

Leah Higgens - Art Quilts

Sussex Spectrum - Group quilt

Elefriede Grooten - Pictoral quilt

This is a quilt by Linda Forey made with blocks given to her by the Beaconsfield Quilt Guild when she left Montreal

More quilts to come! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cape Cod

Our second annual visit to Welfleet where Doug and Sandy have rented a cottage. It overlooks the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.  I wish I could say that we saw lots of birds but we didn't - it always seemed to be low tide when I looked out

There is a park where one can walk around and it's very pretty and overlooks the swampy areas.  We came across a number of wild turkeys on the walk.     
We had a nice  walk on the Great Island Trail which took us along sand dunes and then across to the ocean side beach.  It was very beautiful and interesting to see the various landscapes - oak forest to grasses to extensive beach.

And we had our afternoon swim at Lecount Hollow Beach at Maguires Landing.  It was very hot and the water very cold!  Last year we saw seals in the water but not so this time.

A walk along the beach at the Great Island trail provided the source for a small quilt that I made for an assignment for my course with Elizabeth Barton.  The theme for July was rhythm. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

More Indigo

The dye bath that we used at our retreat is still kicking.  It's been boosted a few times with thiox and I think may finally be losing it's oomph but I haven't thrown it out yet.  It's not quite as iridescent as before.  However it did a great job of over dyeing Colleen's emerald green scarf.

and these are going to be fun socks to wear. 
 This is a pillow case that was looking rather aged.  The dye is definitely fading. 
 And a little of nature's indigo!  Blue jay feathers.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Text'Art Retreat

Once again the group of us spent four lovely days at the cottage with a variety of things that we organized to do.  This included felting scarves, indigo dyeing, sewing and just relaxing.

Lauma organized silk organza for us to make scarves using wool roving to felt into it.  It was a labour intensive work involving lots of water, lots of rolling in bubble wrap, and having our arms shaken out of their sockets using a sander to pound.  Many hours of work per scarf and many hours of work for Lauma who kindly saw that we did it right and came out with great success as shown below.

my scarf

On the side, I prepared an indigo dye bath using ProChem's PRO Indigo mixed with lye and thiox and it grew to a lovely colour - an iridescent purple crust on top and a lovely lime-green below. 

the studio

dressed for action
when the fabric comes out of the dye bath it is greenish and oxidizes to a lovely deep blue.  The more often it is dipped, the darker the blue.  Below are pieces tied, twisted and scrunched to produce various effects.
Colleen keeping her work down - it floats otherwise.

Of course, the cocktail hour is an important part of the day, which includes the above work, walks and swims.

some of the results.

getting started on my scarf

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Photography at the Cottage

Last weekend my photography group went to the cottage for a few days to practice different techniques.  Some of us have new cameras and needed some time to figure them out.  Maria Korab-Lakowska is the professional in the group and so kind and helpful with our problems.  Needless to say, the potluck food was delicious.

We drove down via the Abbaye de Saint Benoit du Lac on Lake Memphremagog.  The monastery was founded for Benedictine monks in 1912 although the building you see below was built much later. They are famous for their cheeses and apple products, both of which are sold in their store along with other tasty items.
photo by Margaret Czalbowska
 The rest of the photos are mine except for the group shot at the end.  These two below were taken inside the Abbaye. 

The sunset one evening at the lake was quite glorious and lasted quite a long time.  It gave us lots of opportunity to play with our settings.

 We stopped in at the Wheeler's farm to take some pictures.  

Below are from the Tomifobia bike trail.  No white trilliums, just red ones.

We were learning how to take a photo of an object at night.  Now to try it on some flowers!

Here we are at the Michael Dunn park at the south end of the lake.