Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Winter

One of the reasons we don't head south is that winter can be so beautiful.  The first two photos were taken fairly early in the morning recently,  at a nearby park where we walk the dog.   

 If you look at the spec on the ice carefully you will see that it's a fox.  We often see him leaving the park and heading out along the ice.  It was a very cold morning and the water is still open, hence the mist rising in the distance
 Some old snowshoe trails in the park on Ile Bizard.  Steps?  Our challenge for the 12 by the Dozen blog is to do something with steps.  In any sense of the word.
 more steps.  I understand now, why in her later years, Grandma Moses would sprinkle glitter on her paintings.  The sparkle just doesn't show up in a photo.
 This is our cottage taken from out on the lake.  I think the pine tree in the middle is not very happy.
 And the dog!  He loves it out here.  And I love the way winter shadows can be so blue.  And the sparkle - wish you could see it.


Rosie said...

Lovely pics, glad you mentioned the sparkle, because when you havent seen snow for a while, you forget!
Fox, native version or bloody import?

Sandra said...

That is a great shot of the black dog his shadow and the white snow!