Tuesday, April 27, 2010

on a lighter note

This was also a good month for inspiration. I went to MQX in Rhode Island and saw some wonderful workmanship. Great quilting ideas on some of the quilts. Since they're not mine to show I won't upload pics that I took, but look for Claudia Pfeil - fantastic!

I also did some more gelatin plate printing, this time in a course with Rayna Gilman who taught me the valuable lesson of learning when to stop! These are a couple of pieces that I did. I'm very pleased with the process and the soft lines that were produced when using stamps. This blue piece was stamped with my art eraser stamps that I made many moons ago.

The other two pieces have very nicely covered up some ugly snow dyed fabric. In fact I have managed to cover a few metres of boring fabric from my snow dyeing efforts.

April is the cruellest month

This is what April 27th looks like here in Montreal. It has snowed all day and my poor hellebore has been dusted off twice. And this poor sweetie! Last fall I planted my first fritillaria and it was nicely surrounded by white scented narcissi, which I pulled out of the snow and are now gracing my den.
It is a fitting end to this month of funerals and grieving. My father, two friends, it's too much. All had lived well, my father to 90. But hard to let go.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heart Strings

The online group to which I belong (see 12 by the dozen link) had a theme of Connections. This was my submission. It represents all that is near and dear to me - my family. I tried to use white as the heart fabric was deconstructed screen printed on white and it doesn't look nice when dyed afterwards. However the white was too much hence, the blue stitching and the stippling done in tan Bottom Line.