Friday, March 3, 2017

Photography course - February

As a bit of whimsy Ricky asked us to do something with a fork as a theme.  There were some creative shots by the others with various eating and serving forks, forks in trees, a fork (literally) on the road, and so I thought of the American Gothic painting and came up with this.

Canadian Gothic

The next theme was Black and White-  how to convert in Lightroom and play with the colour if necessary.  This is a shot taken at the McGill Arboretum the day after a good snowfall.  The original photo was almost b&w as it was such a gray day.

This week the theme is Abandoned.  I was trying to channel Edward Burtynsky but it was a very small pile of old tires. 

The last for the month is Mirror Image.  This was more of a play in Photoshop than anything else.  This is part of the course - to learn how to use both Photoshop and Lightroom.  This is a wall hanging in stainless steel and painted metal.  I turned it into B&W to hide the colour of the wall behind it.  I cropped the original picture only on one side, thereby removing the frame so it wouldn't show in the middle.  It's a West Coast  design by Jack Willoughby

Thank you for looking.  I appreciate your comments and suggestions.


Heather Dubreuil said...

You cover a lot of ground in one month, Dianne! It must be fun to see what the other participants come up with too.

Allison said...

I especially like your shutter zoom photos this month.