Thursday, February 2, 2017

Photography Course - January

I have signed up for a year long photography course with Ricky Tims who many of you know as a quilter par excellence!  He is also an avid photographer and musician.  I had the privilege of hearing him play a few years ago.  Great concert.

His course is aimed at people with DSLRs and since I have one that I really don't know how to use, I thought it would be a great exercise as we are given an assignment each week which forces me to get the camera out and learn more about it each time.

We have had 5 assignments in January (they come out on Sunday mornings) and we have a week to produce one photograph for submission to his site. 

So here are January's.  (Since it is winter here, and sometimes very cold or snowing or raining or worse I couldn't always work outside)

Selective Focus:  showing shallow depth of field (front in focus, back blurred)

Find a Line:  One of the 7 elements in art.  Klee said that a line is a dot that has gone for a walk.  A rather erratic one in this case!   This was taken from the underside of a bird feeder and the serrated edge is a thin sheet of metal designed to keep the squirrels off.

Windows:  A very cold week to be outside!  The lesson here was to learn a few Lightroom edits.

Tack Sharp:  Playing with our f stop and time amongst other things to make the picture be in focus from front to back.  This is not an inspired composition, but it did achieve the goal.

One Shape:  Learning a bit about composing the shot.  This is the underside of a footstool. And with a little play in Lightroom, the colours became a little more playful.  We are not allowed to crop just yet.

This is looking to be a fun year and I will try and post my results each month.  Thank you for looking and I always appreciate comments and feedback. 


Heather Dubreuil said...

Wow! I'm really impressed by what you've covered in one month! You're going to be a pro by the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Love the yarn photo. It's so playful and evocative. Very portrait-like in its yarn-ball personalities! The dark brown yarn and the soupçon of fuschia yarn and the grey in the background are excellent! And the lens-happy grey guy on the front, like a child who WANTS to be photographed. I've also always been partial to large aperature work. I just wish it wasn't so in vogue right now! All those foodie magazines and wedding photographers doing the same look....
Frame it!