Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Start of the Ride and More tulips!

This the barge which was our hotel for the next 7 nights. The accommodation was modest but nice and the food was excellent. There were 12 other bikers and a guide who led us around.

In this picture and the two below are floats for the tulip festival.  The entire float is made up of individual flowers. The purple from hyacinths and the yellow from daffodils.  They spent the entire day travelling from town to town picking up local bands to play.  We saw part of the parade and were lucky enough to see them the next morning in daylight. 

More fields.  The colours were so vibrant despite a dull day.  Did I mention the cold and wind!  We started each day with the temperature about 4C and the wind at times (against us of course) was about Force 5.

Here we all are in front of a statue of Hans Brinker. 

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JaneMc said...

That barge looks so fun :)