Saturday, May 2, 2015


This picture shows how wonky the buildings have become.  The three above the car are all tilted.  The buildings are all built on stilts that are about 12 feet long as the land was all swampy. From the 1600s until recently they used logs, which are still there but have a tendency to rot if exposed to air.  And many buildings were tilted forward to facilitate the use of hoists to load furniture etc into them.

Below are the tulips floating in front of the Rijksmuseum 

 And me fresh off the plane. 

Another day finds us enjoying a traditional Dutch Apple cake amid the hustle and bustle of bikers cars and pedestrians 

A classic scene overlooking a canal.

Not only tulips were in bloom but fritillarias as well. 

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Heather Dubreuil said...

Thanks for sharing these, Dianne. Reminds me of our trip to Amsterdam some 18 months ago.