Monday, November 4, 2013

Bolivia - Uyuni Salt flats

The Uyuni salt flat is about the size of Belgium and it took approximately 4 hours to cross.  We went about half way several times, to various spots.  In December to March it can be covered in up to 20cm of water, at which point cars can't go through it without causing rusting problems.

The first picture is that of a train way off in the distance.  There is a rail line that runs across going from Uyuni to Antofagasta in Chile.  It was just neat watching this black line snaking across.

We were heading for this volcano and it seemed forever before we got there.
And on the way we finally reached the tracks to cross.
There we are, Robbie and I.  The sun seemed always to shine, but with the thin atmosphere, sunscreen was essential.  We were at 3600m here
An artsy shot of the salt cones that were scraped up and then shipped off to be cleaned and sold.

Next will be an island in the middle of the salt flat.  
Thanks for reading, and your comments would be most appreciated. 


Heather Dubreuil said...

Love the photos, Dianne. I see some potential here for translating an image into cloth for the 12 by the dozen challenge and incorporating a little periwinkle!

Hilary said...

That sky is enormous and the most amazing blue. I felt dwarfed just looking at the landscape!


Deborah Kemball said...

Hi Dianne - I'm tracking your every movement and thought about you and Robbie today whilst on my morning walk. Sounds like you are having an amazing time...

DHalme said...

Fabulous pictures.
Good to know you are enjoying yourselves.
I did not know that Bolivia was so picturesque.