Sunday, November 3, 2013

Atacama - Bolivia

The trip into Bolivia was one breathtaking panorama after another.  The colours, the vastness, the emptiness and the beauty were almost overwhelming.  I hope some of these photos give a sense of that.
 We went to a number of lakes to photograph flamingoes and so here are a few pictures that I took with my little Canon.  This tour is a photo tour, learning how to take better photos, learning a new software package and I have yet to master using the photos that I took with my bigger camera and processed in Lightroom for the blog!  I will get there soon!
At Laguna Blanca

 A small group of houses near the lake
Hard rock cafe. 

 This was a picnic stop.  We travelled in 4 jeeps.  10 of us with 2 tour leaders, a guide and 2 local ladies who did our lunches for us, and of course 4 drivers, who ate coca leaves the entire day.  Lunches were great and mostly served in local halls that had been built for that purpose, but on this particular day, it was served off the back of a jeep.  Still delicious tho'.  

We spent 6 days bumping across the Altiplano at heights up to 5000 metres.  A few of us felt the effects of the altitude, but I duly took my pills and really just got breathless with a few steps.  The weather was cool in the mornings - about 3 or 4 ºC and then up to about 15 during the day.  Always clear and sunny.  And by evening, very windy.   And always dusty!  

More pictures to come! 

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Hilary said...

What an amazing trip! My favourite has to be the two flamingos and their reflections - well done.

Looking forward to many more photos.