Thursday, September 19, 2013

Canal Boating

 We spent a lovely week travelling on a canal boat in England with our friends Linda and Mick.  We did a loop south of Birmingham starting in Alvechurch.   I left the excitement of steering the 66' boat to the others and enjoyed sitting on the bow watching the world go by.  I did do my share of locks and found muscles I didn't know I had!
 We went through a number of tunnels and it was always fun to see the end with a lovely picture framed by the walls and reflection.  Sometimes we went over things - as this roadway leading into Birmingham, below.
 It was quite a contrast to go from the tree lined canals right into the heart of a bustling city.  Birmingham has done a great job of making the area attractive and accessible.  It was fun to moor up and go for a walk-about.
 Our first lock.  One of many that we did.  On 2 days we had over 30 to open and close.  Since the boat barely moves, we basically spent the day walking. 
 And the rest of the time enjoyed vistas like this.  Very calming and peaceful, even though we knew that roads and towns were just on the other side of the greenery. 
Mick put together a little utube clip of our trip if you'd like a sense of what it was like.  Just click on the link below.

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Hilary said...

Some stunning photos, Dianne. Have they inspired you - are you thinking of using any of those memories/images in some new work?


Dianne Robinson said...

I would like to. Especially all the bridge reflections!