Saturday, August 17, 2013


At the end of July we arrived in Stratford-upon-Avon to see some plays, visit with friends that we knew in South Africa and just generally be tourists.  An added bonus was that Sarah, our daughter was able to join us for the weekend. 
 We walked all over town, along the river and down some interesting side streets.  Great restaurants, all catering to the early show time. 

The plays were superb productions.  All's Well That Ends Well, Titus Adronicus (a little too graphic for me but gripping nonetheless) and It's a Mad World.  We stayed at the Arden hotel across the street which served us well as it was pouring one night as we left the play. 

The Swan theatre

 Some of the costumes displayed inside.  This one was made with old kid gloves and beautifully stitched as a bodice.  Fitting as Shakespeare's father was a glove maker.
 A sample of some of the old houses.  The one on the right with the flag pole is owned by Harvard University and was at one time John Harvard's mother's house. 
Part of an existing school on the left and what were once alms houses.  Most of these timbered houses date back to Shakespeare's time in the 15th century.

 The Holy Trinity Church as seen across the river Avon.  Parts of it date back to the 10th century and it houses Shakespeare's grave which is up near the altar. 
 The gardens where Shakespeare's house once stood. 
 A room in the house that he grew up in.  The coloured walls were a sign of wealth, and the string on the trundle bed is what gives us the saying "sleep tight".

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