Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Icebergs and Pond Inlet

Most of the ice that we saw was either in Greenland or in the Baffin Island area.  Once we went further south the water was mostly clear.  

 In the picture below there is a little black dot just left of centre.  That is the zodiac with 10 people aboard.  Just puts a perspective on things!

 The colours of some of the icebergs were amazing.  This was probably as high as a 4 story building.

We passed quite a few of these monsters while cruising.  At least 10 stories high if not more!

Pond Inlet


Heather said...

I have been enjoying your photos from your northern adventure, Dianne. Amazing!

Hilary said...

Those icebergs are awesome - in the true sense of the word! What fantastic colours and shapes. Thanks for the clue as to how big they are - I would have guessed that black dot was an animal!


Rosie said...

Amazing pics Dianne :)