Saturday, September 15, 2012

Greenland, Kayaking, Ilulisaat

We watched this Inuk doing all sorts of feats with his kayak.  Remember that we are above the Arctic circle and the water is about 0ºC!  He did a variety of rolls, and then in the last picture he is paddling while upside down - a sneaky maneuver to get past a polar bear.  Yikes.

Two more shots of Sisimiut.  

In our "wet suits" coming into the harbour at Ilulisaat.  It was foggy and the bay was filled with ice.

There was a lovely boardwalk to take us to a fjord to see the ice bergs that had calved off the glacier.  It was across rough tundra terrain and as we came around a corner we could see the tops of the bergs in the mist - a very magnificent sight.

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Rosie said...

Amazing pics Dianne, thanks for sharing :)