Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend

Three days.
Our long weekend visit to Boston started with an overnight at the cottage.  I was delighted to see my crocuses (croci for those that care) poking up from the ground.  I can't grow them at the house as the squirrels have a special affinity for bulbs in my yard (as opposed to my neighbours' whose they leave alone).  The ice was still on the lake and there was a little bit of snow left, but spring had definitely arrived! 

On Saturday we drove through our little custom's post in Beebe and then through the mountains of New Hampshire.  As we started to ascend the snow started, gently at first, and then became one of the worst blizzards that we had seen in years.  For 3 hours we drove, with ice on the highway (spring had arrived - we no longer had snow tires on!) until finally we were through into Massachusetts.   This is the picture I took from the car - asking to stop to take photos was not an option.

Sunday was gorgeous - 23ºC and sunny.  We went for a walk through a sculpture park nearby - De Cordova.  The piece below was by Roy Lichtenstein.  It was a nice walk around with views over a reservoir area and then inside there was more art to see.  Rachel Perry Welty had work that used "junk" such as the little stickers we peel off fruit, or twist ties or hospital records.  It's a very obsessive use, but with great results.   And of course, the rest of the visit with family was great.  

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