Monday, May 24, 2010

May travels

In preparation for an upcoming biking trip I am valiantly trying to put in time to get ready. This is not going to be a Tour de France - merely 25 -50 Km a day. This past weekend I did 22 and 25 kms so I think I'll manage! We ride on a converted railway bed and pass several ponds - this is one of them, full of yellow water lilies. We also managed to see red winged blackbirds, and Eastern kingbirds. And of course the ubiquitous Canada geese.Earlier in the month we stayed overnight in Kingston on our way to Toronto. A walk through the park gave me a vantage of red tulips with an old house in the back - where I spent a year in an apartment while I was at Queen's U. The bay kitchen window was lovely.
This lilac has travelled! It came from a bush that was given to a friend by my husband's grandmother. It's been transplanted a few times, and this year had some lovely blooms, so I guess it's now happy in this location.

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