Tuesday, April 27, 2010

on a lighter note

This was also a good month for inspiration. I went to MQX in Rhode Island and saw some wonderful workmanship. Great quilting ideas on some of the quilts. Since they're not mine to show I won't upload pics that I took, but look for Claudia Pfeil - fantastic!

I also did some more gelatin plate printing, this time in a course with Rayna Gilman who taught me the valuable lesson of learning when to stop! These are a couple of pieces that I did. I'm very pleased with the process and the soft lines that were produced when using stamps. This blue piece was stamped with my art eraser stamps that I made many moons ago.

The other two pieces have very nicely covered up some ugly snow dyed fabric. In fact I have managed to cover a few metres of boring fabric from my snow dyeing efforts.


Rosie said...

Oh wow, these look brilliant Dianne, particularly like the green piece - and you know how I feel about green!! LOL!

Rayna said...

Ha ha - I wish I could say the same about my gelatin prints. Wish mine looked like yours!