Monday, January 25, 2010

Phoenix Feathers

Today was the perfect day to finish this piece - the quilting part anyway.  It was rainy and warm and in this neck of the woods, that means melting snow turning to ice.  Not a pretty sight.

A small group of us  (all long arm owners)  agreed to do a white on white (about a metre squared) which I would then help them dye.  My trip to China left me with thoughts of phoenixes as a theme, but when I drew a pair out I found that it was going to be very difficult to quilt.  In fact, I learned about negative space - quilting would be required everywhere except on the phoenix.  I'll have to think that one through some more.  

So instead I did suns and phoenix feathers, and incorporated some plastic rings and wire in the suns to see what will happen when it shrinks.  

Stay tuned for the colour episode!

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