Sunday, November 1, 2009

Urumqi - Nanshan Pasture

When we arrived at the pasture we could see villages of yurts which had been set up for the summer months.  One had been set up for tourists and we were invited to try the local tea with sheep's butter and milk.  An acquired taste I think.  The yurt is about 25' in diameter with no central pole and the floor is covered with an elaborately decorated felt mat.  There was lots of other fabric and woven decoration inside.

On the way back to Urumqi we passed a local Uighur market.  There were lots of fruits, vegetables, meat and dry goods.  The lady in the centre photo is making shoes.

Back in Urumqi, the mosque and the market were closed.  Throughout the city, and in fact throughout the rest of the Western Province we saw military on every major street corner.  This was a result of the riots in July and there was a sense that nothing bad was going to happen to disrupt the 60th anniversary celebrations.    Schools were also closed during this time.

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