Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday at the Macdonell/Williamson house

I was invited to do an activity at this old house that is being slowly and painstakingly brought back to it's former glory.  So I suggested leaf stamping with fabric paints onto fabric.  I emptied out my cupboards, cut up some plain white fabric as well as dyed and trotted off to a little town called Chute à Blondeau which is on the Ottawa river just north west of the island of Montreal.  The house itself is just on the Ontario side.  It was built in 1817 by John Macdonell, a fur trader in the North West company for his Métis wife and their 12 children.  It must have been magnificent in its heyday - it even boasts a ballroom.  It was expropriated in 1961 due to the building of the Carillon Dam and unfortunately fell prey to vandals.  Consequently the need for all the work that is currently going into it.  Here is my photo, but you can also access info on their site:

Since I had very few samples of leaf stamping, I thought that I had better make some.  Here are the results:  

a cushion for the cottage                                                 postcards

and a wall hanging that has yet to be quilted.

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