Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Retreats

There just aren't enough hours in the day!  So much for retirement.  Since I last wrote I have been to two quilt retreats at which I managed to do a lot of functional sewing - placemats and a quilt from a kit for the cottage.  The Guild retreat is at a convent on the north shore of the island and the property is lovely, especially at that time of year with all the trees in gorgeous fall colour.  The second retreat is at an inn on Lake Brome down in the Eastern Townships.  This is with my Tuesday group who prefer to be a little more comfortable than in a convent!.  The rates are great as we are off season and the food and accommodation are wonderful.  We put in full days and some evenings at the sewing machine, get in long walks on the neighbouring golf course and of course eat!  

 I also managed to finish a quilt that I started a few years ago - another Tri-This challenge with Rosie and Hilary.  They both came to Montreal to visit and teach and we had 3 lovely days in early spring at the cottage.  This was after a trip to Cap Tourment to see the snow geese.  The intent of the challenge was to start a wall hanging and then let the other 2 provide comments, suggestions and critique before it was finished.  Needless to say we didn't have to take any of these on board!  So Early Spring is my completed result.  The dogwood branches and willows were glowing in the sun at the park.  I don't have  a snow goose on there, but a bufflehead duck that we saw on another part of the trip.

I also taught a small dyeing class here at the house.  My studio is very full so not much room for lots of people but it worked out quite well, especially using the kitchen upstairs for the discharging!   I've started making scarves with black rayon, some discharge and painting.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some more made in time for the holidays.

To round out my life a little we have season's tickets to the Centaur theatre and saw a fabulous and moving play called Scorched.  I mention it because it is traveling and I highly recommend it if it plays near you.  The publishing season is upon us so that means Books & Breakfast - a great way to hear authors talk about their upcoming books and enjoy a brunch as well.  I can see that there is going to be  a lot of reading material around here this Christmas.  And I'm trying to be a little experimental in my cooking.  Managed to make a batch of duck confit this weekend - that with a salad is almost my favourite meal.  Christmas baking is just around the corner.  My mother in law and I are going to have a "stir-up" Friday and make her Christmas cake cookies.  

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John said...

Why not consider a quilting time abroad? Not being a quilter but interested in convents your article came up as an Google alert. I'm planning trip to Italy and found this great website about monasteries and convents
It might be a bit different place to meet for next year? Check it out.