Thursday, September 29, 2016

River Brink museum

River Brink Museum is a lovely gem on the Niagara Parkway, a short bike ride from Niagara on the Lake.  It was originally built as the home of Sam Weir, a King's Counsel, who all along had intended to bequeath it as an art gallery.  The land was purchased on the bank of the Niagara river in 1943 and the house finally finished in 1970.

Right now there is an exhibit of work by Campbell Scott, a Scot who trained in Scotland as a cabinet maker.  After he came to Canada he trained as a teacher and taught at the Ste Catherine Collegiate.  He pursued his art in sculpture, pottery, painting and printing, travelling to many countries including Japan to better his art. 

Below is a plate for printing

and this is one of the prints produced from it.

 and more of his work.  Do click on them to make them bigger-  they look so much better.

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