Sunday, May 22, 2016

Photography at the Cottage

Last weekend my photography group went to the cottage for a few days to practice different techniques.  Some of us have new cameras and needed some time to figure them out.  Maria Korab-Lakowska is the professional in the group and so kind and helpful with our problems.  Needless to say, the potluck food was delicious.

We drove down via the Abbaye de Saint Benoit du Lac on Lake Memphremagog.  The monastery was founded for Benedictine monks in 1912 although the building you see below was built much later. They are famous for their cheeses and apple products, both of which are sold in their store along with other tasty items.
photo by Margaret Czalbowska
 The rest of the photos are mine except for the group shot at the end.  These two below were taken inside the Abbaye. 

The sunset one evening at the lake was quite glorious and lasted quite a long time.  It gave us lots of opportunity to play with our settings.

 We stopped in at the Wheeler's farm to take some pictures.  

Below are from the Tomifobia bike trail.  No white trilliums, just red ones.

We were learning how to take a photo of an object at night.  Now to try it on some flowers!

Here we are at the Michael Dunn park at the south end of the lake. 

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