Sunday, February 21, 2016

Across Canada by train - Jasper

We caught the train out of Vancouver at 8:30pm so didn't see much until the next morning.  The weather was very overcast so it was hard to see the mountains as we approached Jasper.

When we arrived at the Jasper Park lodge, there was virtually no snow on the ground so cross country skiing was out.  Instead we spent an afternoon walking the Maligne Canyon viewing all the wonderful ice formations in it.  We had a great guide with Sundog tours  - Alicia - very knowledgeable and she kept us out of trouble.

Below are a few shots of Jasper - the road in, which we walked from the Lodge - a wee bit of a hike over an icy back road!

Jasper Park Lodge as seen from the other side of Lake Beauvert.  And on our walk around we saw a magnificent elk.  Almost a little too close for comfort!

and last but not least, a quintessential view of the Rockies overlooking the Athabaska river.

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