Tuesday, January 20, 2015

London break

Partly as a birthday celebration and partly to get away from the cold (-24C) and ice we took a quick trip to London.  We managed to fit in 4 museums and 2 musicals  ( the Grand Tour and Commitments) in 3 days!  And had a visit with our daughter who is currently living near Southampton.

the view from our room - classic row housing near Paddington

There is always something in bloom year round.  Including decorative planters.
We spent the good part of a day in the Tate and saw an exhibit of sculptures by Henry Moore.

The main reason we went to the Tate was to see the Late Turner - Paintings set Free.  Unfortunately photos weren't allowed.  I enjoyed seeing many of his works- especially the ones of Venice.  I had no idea before that he did so many allegorical scenes though.

These colour circles are by Olafur Eliasson and are colour experiments based on Turner's paintings. 

These two pictures are of a stairwell in the Tate.

And this exhibit is by Philip King to celebrate his 80th birthday.  He felt that his sculptures should be on the floor with the viewer, not on a plinth.

The dress above had a wonderful quilted look, although it was a woven fabric. 

On the right, a shot of the decorations on Oxford St

This was a parrot that we saw in Hyde Park.  Please leave a comment if you know it's name.

The Royal Park Hotel - great service!


Heather Dubreuil said...

Now that's my kind of holiday! What a wonderful break, Dianne. Thank you for sharing some of the art that you saw. I look forward to hearing more details soon.

Rosie said...

Indian Ring Neck Parrot, part of a large population in London that started with escaped pets.