Saturday, May 10, 2014


We are just back from a two week trip which started with a few days in Marseille, a week of biking and barging from Aigue-Mort to Avignon, and then a few days in Avignon.  Wonderful weather, and a taste of the Mistral.

Here are a few Marseille photos. 
 This amazing museum dedicated to the cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean.  It's a beautiful piece of architecture and the exhibits are beautifully displayed.  To enter from the Panier district is to walk on the dark line that you see connecting the old stone building on the left and the dark one on the right.  You can just see people crossing below. 

 Cath├Ędrale de la Major
 This is a 19th century church built in a Roman/Byzantine style.  Below is one of the arches over one of the chapels.  It is all mosaic as is much of the ceiling decoration inside. 

Some old and some new.  On the left is a scene at the inner end of the harbour and there is a mirrored canopy over a section creating an interesting perspective.  On the right is one of the many winding streets in the Panier district - the old part of Marseille that used to house fishermen and others of modest means.

A view of the harbour with the ferris wheel in the front. 

I hope you will enjoy following along on this journey and look forward to reading your comments.

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