Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilt Art

Here are a couple of pieces that I have just finished.  Both were put in the red challenge for our international challenge group  The format for that is supposed to be letter size, but I wasn't sure at the time if I would be entering them in the Women's Art Society Of Montreal show in May which requires a square format.  As it turns out, the turquoise one will go in that show, and the skier will go into the CQQ Salon 2014 also at the end of May.


Winter Fun
This is based on photos of my husband in the Morgan Arboretum where we ski.  The snow is indigo dyed fabric which seems to work perfectly for the colour of the shadows on the snow on a sunny day.

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Heather Dubreuil said...

Two great new pieces, Dianne. I see you chose to keep the quilting on Reflections simple rather than adding more detail. Probably a good choice given the serene quality of the work. The topic of the second one will be well-received by the CQQ audience.