Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colour me Turquoise

The Beaconsfield Quilters Guild has issued a challenge and I have accepted.  The goal is to have a "Cascade of many colours" which will be made up of quite a number of quilts (24 or so) and each will be 16"x36".  My colour is turquoise which I found very difficult to match.  Nothing in my commercial stock would do, so I began dyeing.  I have some very old dye from my days in England that now produces a pretty but pale turquoise, so I bought some from Dharma and ProChem and G&S Dyes in Toronto.  Only one actually made the right colour, but I was able to use the others in a variety of ways.

 And below is the top, yet to be quilted.  The light turquoise was screened over so it wouldn't be quite so bright.


Heather Dubreuil said...

Very interesting Dianne. Did you do a sketch or painting first? Did you use graph paper to plan it out or was all worked out directly in cloth? Nice use of three primaries.

Linda Bilsborrow said...

Love those splashes of brightness. I've used purple and orange with turquoise but lacked the courage to use primaries in the past!

Dianne Robinson said...

I did start out with a drawing on graph paper and also a tiny sample to play with the accent colours, but it morphed as it progressed.