Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The quilt show in Houston is so amazing.  It felt like sensory overload at times.  So many beautiful quilts all in one place.  The workmanship is wonderful.  I'm sorry I can't show them here.  

Houston itself, in the downtown office section that the Convention hall is in is sleek with all the high rises and a lovely little park and playground.  Lots of new restaurants and our hotel was only a 10 minute walk which gave me some exercise!  

I'm not quite sure if these were ordinary crows but a murder there was.  They were very musical and roosted in all the trees lining the streets around the convention centre, flying up every now and again in clouds.  Sort of Alfred Hitchcock.

 There squares were in the sidewalks around the area.  Just something to pause and think about as I was exploring.

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