Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have been working! and travelling.

This is my 12" square done for a challenge with the 12 by the Dozen group (www.12bythedozen.blogspot.com)
The theme was fragments and I was attempting to get a Lauren Harris look for one of my photographs.  

 This quilt was a mystery quilt that Andrea presented to our guild this past year.  As she always does, the instructions were clear and there were enough hints that we could do a good job with the colour.

 Below is a 4" square made for a friend who is returning to the UK.  the members in our Text'art group made one or more as a farewell present.  It's quite a bit glitzier then the photo shows.

We spent the first part of September down east.  The overnight train to Halifax was great - nice elegant dinner, a room in the Park car with the dome, and met some nice people.  The scenery was interesting - but a lot of it was through the woods and nary a moose to be seen.

After 3 days in the city we drove to Cape Breton and spent 6 days there.  Loved the scenery and the people we met.  The fish and seafood were great too - not a speck of meat for me (well, except for brekkie bacon) the whole time, and lots of lovely lobster rolls.  A great one at the Acadian in Cheticamp!

Classic scenery

The view from our B&B in Glace Bay - near the Marconi museum and over the horizon is the UK.

A flock of cormorants

Rusting cannonballs at Fort Louisbourg.  The whole place was a magnificent restoration of the fort as it was in the 1740s.  

Across from the fort

It was a stormy blustery day!

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Rosie said...

The Cape Breton scenery looks spectacular.
And how did you make the background to the 4" square? It too looks speccy!! LOL!!