Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finishing the bike tour

Quintin:  this is the Chambre D'Hôte that we staying in.  A stunning 300 year old house with floors and stairs of granite and huge rooms, and a huge garden out the back.  The owner, a lovely lady, told us tales of growing up in the area, and some of the history of the house, and served us tea in her great room.

Some of the buildings in Quintin

At the L'Abbaye de Bon Repos
This building has the lodging, and the restaurant.  The food was excellent, and we really enjoyed fresh local goat cheese.  

The Abbaye itself - much without roof, and in need of repair.

The final 5 Km run into Gouarec along this beautiful canal.

Gouarec - a town filled with buildings like these.  Quite lovely.  We sat having a coffee just across from these.  Our coffee breaks in the little towns along the way were nice breaks during the ride - often having conversations with the bar owners and patrons in there for their beer (no matter what time of day).
All in all, it was a great 6 days whizzing through the country side.  The bikes were good, the paniers kept our clothes dry, and the route wasn't too difficult.  Now if the rain had been better organized.....

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