Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Early Spring

We spent a lovely 4 days at the cottage which is on Lake Memphremagog. We skied at Mount Orford on the way down and on the way back for an hour. With a weekday pass, there is no pressure to ski all day to get our money's worth. And we had the dog in the car waiting for us. Just a different place to sleep for him.The little speck on the ice that you can see is an ice fishing hut. People were still driving out there despite the warm weather (11ÂșC). I worry about the ice around the shore - it gets pretty soft much earlier. I'll stick to road walking!
The shadows on a sunny day are so dramatic on the snow. About half the snow here had melted by the end of the weekend. I have daffodils planted on this hillside - I can hardly wait to see them emerge.
It didn't bother the dog to go out - he was sniffing something . Our neighbour told us that a fox had spent the winter under our little guest cottage. Hopefully the two don't run into each other.


Rosie said...

Lovely pics Dianne, especially the one of Kirby, great shot.

ddrenwick said...

Loved reading your travels. Looking forward to being down on the lake without the ice. good picture of kirby.